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Florina Temudo.

Your well-being is in good hands.

What to expect from a session

As a spiritual therapist my purpose is to guide you in developing your spiritual connection and intuition while supporting your soul’s evolution. I offer you insight, tools and techniques to assist you to become more fully your essential self; I help you along your path toward experiencing alchemical transformation in your life and manifesting your truth in the world.

As a spiritual teacher and healer, I return to the ancient traditions that offer a holistic perspective of your life’s issues with the aim of integrating body, mind and spirit to become whole. I foster independence, responsibility and creative self expression in all clients from novice to adept. Together we use intuition, guidance, compassion and laughter to enable you to find magic and deeper meaning in your life.


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“Everytime I feel stuck and need clarity, especially when I feel at a crossroads on something, I book in for a session with Florina. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s going on for me.” 

—  Veronica

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