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I stumbled across Florina through a conversation with a friend one Friday lunchtime, and immediately reached out for a session the next day. I actually didn't really know what to expect, or in fact what I wanted from the session, as I was all very new to this idea of healing, and personal coaching. However, from the moment I met Florina (initially online), I felt an immediate sense of calm and reassurance that she would help me through a challenging time that many are experiencing right now with the current pandemic.. She really understands how you feel, and always seems to know the background to why you feel the way you're feeling, even though she has only just met you! Florina is a truly gifted person, and I just wish we had met earlier in my life!!


Thankyou Florina for you incredible insight into my inner world and your brilliant caring and supportive work. I occasionally fall apart and feel invaded by other peoples energy, weakened and ungrounded. Florina manages to get me back on track and flying with full energy and clarity. Lucky me to have her in my life. I cannot recommend her enough to help you through the complexities of life!



Florina is absolutely amazing and the work she has done with me so far has been so incredibly powerful! She seems to know exactly how I am feeling and able to express that even when I can't. Every session is different but incredibly powerful and I always leave feeling happier, stronger and more confident. I really can't recommend her enough. Thank you Florina!


Instantly I “met” Florina on-line, I felt safe and that I would be taken care of. Florina has an innate sense of what is going on and an ability to provide clarity in all the chaos. She is an absolute gem and if you are lucky enough to be in her care, she will help you on your life journey. She is truly amazing and the shifts I have experienced have been incredible. Thank you, Florina. You are an angel on this earth.


Florina is the biggest gift I have ever received. I will never forget the first day I walked out of her office, strengthened by her intuitive knowledge, armored with deep love, and feeling more clarity than I had ever experienced. She is the truest angel and I am beyond grateful knowing she is gently guiding me step by step on this crazy and thrilling adventure of life.


I've been seeing Florina for years now, and I am a different and better person thanks to her. She's been guiding and healing me through some very difficult years and blockages. Still to this date, she understands exactly how I feel before I speak- even though months go by without communication. Thank you for pushing me in the right direction and for never giving up on me. I really can't imagine my life without Florina in it. She is truly AMAZING!


GRATITUDE - Life brings us challenges. We should all have a SPIRITUAL HEALER in our life. Someone who gives AWARNESS, COMPASSION, DIRECTIONS. FLORINA has been lighting, smoothing my journey since 2012. I am very grateful to her. She is always giving more than 100%. Her readings are very accurates. Florina understands before you speak. She is going straight to the point. She helped me to let go and embrace life with Faith.
Thank you Florina. My journey continues with you and I truly recommend you to people who want to open new pages in their life. 💃


Florina is an incredibly warm and intuitive lady. She helped me through a very stressful time of my life, and was able to soothe me and give me such hope, that I was able to walk out of her house feeling completely centered and calm. She helped me heal in way no other practitioner could.
She always made herself available on the phone, if I had a panic, and has continued to ask after me and support me even 3 years later. Thank you lovely Florina 🙏🏻


Florina has been an absolute Angel in my life. I first met her in September 2019 when I was going through quite a low time personally. She got me through it and has since then got me through a couple of road blocks after that. Even through lockdown her virtual sessions have been amazing. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I consider her my spiritual guide. She has put me on the right path and has healed lots of old issues/insecurities that I had buried within. Her sessions are full of love, positivity and she wants the best for you and gives it her all. And her spiritual calming energy is infectious. I think everyone should have ‘Florina’ in their lives. And I intend to continue seeing her whenever I need some guidance and healing. Thank you so much Florina x

Alexandra Petit

I was lucky to meet Florina in 2008 and since then she's been of a great help to me with her readings. Florina is warm and caring, her readings always very accurate.
Many thanks for being a light in the darkness for me dear Florina!


After trying many different types of therapists, Florina has always been the only person i have felt most comfortable, connected and safe with. Exploring and opening up on a mix of difficult topics as well as supporting me in growing personally. It feels like connecting with a close family member when we talk :) I've had both in-person and virtual sessions and both have been successful. I've been connecting with Florina now for many years, recommended to lots of friends after meeting her first through a friends recommendation myself. I intend to keep going to Florina for the foreseeable future!

Nellie Bell

I have been seeing Florina for a few years. Since I have been seeing her, my life has had rapid life changing shifts. My career and personal life have both soared in the right direction and I am becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you Florina.


You are truly amazing!I am so happy and grateful to have met you.. The world is a better place thanks to you!Only one session and I’ve already started to feel the changes..thank you so much Florina!Xx


A true life changing experience. Very lucky to have met her. No one has more powerful hands, readings and insights then this wonderful lady. Such a beautiful warm personality. She is always bang on with her readings and can truly change your state of mind for the better with her reiki. Helped me deal with old issues in a matter of 3 sessions. Florina your a superstar!


Florina provided me with the most accurate reading I have ever had and meeting her is something that I can only describe as a life changing experience. She is an incredible women with an amazing gift! Thank you Florina


As soon as I met Florina there was something warm and very generous about her energy. She looked into and worked with me for a lot longer than the usual one hour time slot and I thoroughly enjoyed our session and felt it was spot on. It was only after the session and the healing work that I kept on getting all this positive feedback with people commenting on how energized, glowing or somehow different I seemed. There was certainly a shift that I cannot explain, quite a huge shift, that I am still experiencing after only one session a few months ago! Thank you Florina that was very powerful work.

Silver C

GENUINE AND ACCURATE I first spoke to Florina (Maria) whilst at professional and personal crossroads in 2012. Most of her predictions since then have unfolded, one major one is awaited. When I was faced with redundancy, Maria didn't sugarcoat the situation and said it would take months before something would work out but helped me stay positive and forge ahead. Frustrating as it was, I had to wait 11 months as predicted. Closer to the time, Maria said I would meet HR first and land a job I hadn't even applied for, within a week. In my field of work, there are at least 3-4 interviews, each taking about 4-6 weeks before proceeding to the next stage. Also, HR is usually the last round. True to form, I was contacted by a firm out of the blue on a Monday. My first meeting was with HR on the Wednesday and by Friday that week I had met 2 more people and was offered the job I continue to be in 4 years later. Do give her a try, she is absolutely lovely!

Phillip T

EXCELLENT READING I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave yesterday - I was actually quite taken aback by how accurate you were. Quite apart from the fact that you picked up on very specific things that you couldn't have known, you were very warm and caring too. I felt so much better after speaking with you and look forward to having another reading with you again at some point. Philip

Luisvet B

Florina is such an amazing soul. I trust her work 100%. Whenever you need her she's there for you. I'll totally recommend her. Her card reading and healing are so trusted I'll never doubther integrity. Thank you florina

Saida P

MY GUARDIAN ANGEL I lost my parents a few years ago and Florina has played a key role in my healing process. I've known her for a couple of years now and whenever life gets a bit difficult she always gives mesupport and guidance to make the best decision..She is loving, caring and empathetic and I feel very lucky to have met such a beautiful and gentle soul!


Excellent service.

Philip T

EXCELLENT READING I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave yesterday - I was actually quite taken aback by how accurate you were. Quite apart from the fact that you picked up on very specific things that you couldn't have known, you were very warm and caring too. I felt so much better after speaking with you and look forward to having another reading with you again at some point.

James D

AMAZING PSYCHIC, HEALER & PERSON Florina is someone extremely unique, I have been seeing her for over 5 years now for readings and healing sessions. Florina's psychic readings have guided me through numerous important business decisions and helped through some emotional times too, and the reiki healing has given me immediate positive changes in my life. I can not recommend her highly enough, especially with how her genuine warm and caring nature transfers naturally to her work.

Jane B

EXCEPTIONAL I have found Florina full of love and integrity. She has exceptional skills in both healing and tarot and works with kindness and professionalism. She has made a world of difference to me when I have most needed it.

Veronica L

TOTALLY RECOMMENDED It has been over 10 years since my very first consultation with Florina. She has been a wonderful guide to have in "my back pocket". Every time I've needed clarity, Florina has helped to shine a torchlight on what's going on for me. This has been especially helpful when I've needed to make important decisions and needed an objective perspective. There have been occasions when I've showed up for a reading, thinking that that's why I've felt stuck or confused, and Florina has intuitively uncovered that my real need is for increased awareness and healing. I suppose the best way that I can describe Florina, is that she's like a guardian angel who communicates with me in a language that I can always understand and in a volume louder than a whisper, so that I can also hear. I hope you get what I mean by that. I totally recommend a consultation with her.

Agneta S

FLORINA IS BEYOND TO COMPARE Florina is world class! She is a naturally intelligent, uplifting & empathetic person, so I feel stronger after each time talking to her. Florina gave lots and lots of very specific information – we went on a very amazing journey. I would recommend Florina to anyone who would like an honest and really caring reading!