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Leadership support and corporate wellbeing

for progressive businesses.

There are many ways in which providing leadership support and corporate wellbeing for your employees can benefit your business.


As well as improving overall business performance, it will allow you to attract and retain the best talent. By coaching your employees in this way and giving them the tools they need to enhance their wellbeing, you will notice many positive changes, such as improved confidence, enhanced productivity, and increased self-awareness and empathy.


Your employees will learn the skills needed to negotiate more effectively and hone their decision making ability. This kind of guidance and wellbeing awareness is synonymous with amplified team working skills and communication, boosting morale and keeping your employees connected, ultimately enhancing overall business productivity whilst promoting the importance of a healthy work-life balance.


1:1 Leadership Sessions

Regular ongoing sessions,

Fully tailored to suit your companies needs.

One-on-one confidential sessions with your leadership team, adding value to the top end so it can be passed down to your employees and become an integral part of your business.


Team Wellbeing Sessions

Regular ongoing sessions,

Fully tailored to suit your companies needs.

Group sessions on valuable subjects such as mindfulness, resilience, wellbeing, finding balance, better sleep and the power of thoughts and beliefs. 

" My Senior Leadership Team and I love working with Florina. She is     the unbiased voice of guidance and empowers us to find the inner     strength to achieve high performance levels as individuals and as a   team. I highly recommend working with Florina. "

Nena Chaletzos CEO, Luxtripper

Covid 19 has changed the way that businesses operate,

These sessions will help businesses and individuals cope with the day-to-day stresses and strains of remote working.

 Here are 10 common challenges that employees and managers face when working remotely: 

  • Switching off after work

  • Distractions at home

  • Time management

  • Loneliness

  • Staying motivated​

  • Collaborating remotely

  • Poor communication

  • Maintaining trust

  • Tracking tasks & progress

  • Mental health & wellbeing

 Let's overcome these challenges together! 

Why me?

After completing a Business Studies degree in Kenya, I ventured to London in the 1980's , where I joined a management consulting firm. Moving to London was a very strange and unsettling experience for me, and definitely quite a culture shock.


I found it difficult to live in a city where the pace of life was so fast. It was not long, however, before

I got used to life in the city, and I now love London and consider it my home. Since leaving Kenya, I have continued to work in the commercial sector, predominantly within recruitment.


Having first-hand experience in the corporate world, I know the stresses of making decisions under pressure, juggling work and family responsibilities and just keeping afloat in everyday life. 

Click here to read more about my background, my experience and my credentials!

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