1. Dee


    I first spoke to Florina (Maria) whilst at professional and personal crossroads in 2012. Most of her predictions since then have unfolded, one major one is awaited. When I was faced with redundancy, Maria didn’t sugarcoat the situation and said it would take months before something would work out but helped me stay positive and forge ahead. Frustrating as it was, I had to wait 11 months as predicted. Closer to the time, Maria said I would meet HR first and land a job I hadn’t even applied for, within a week. In my field of work, there are at least 3-4 interviews, each taking about 4-6 weeks before proceeding to the next stage. Also, HR is usually the last round. True to form, I was contacted by a firm out of the blue on a Monday. My first meeting was with HR on the Wednesday and by Friday that week I had met 2 more people and was offered the job I continue to be in 4 years later. Personally, I have been in an on and off love situation that Maria has always seen coming right in the end. In this instance, she was unable to provide timings and although I didn’t hear what I wanted to at the time, years later – I can see why it was not possible to pinpoint at a timeframe then. Both of us needed to live and experience certain aspects of lives before coming together for good. I don’t usually recommend or write online endorsements but Maria’s abilities are genuine. Her heart is in the right place, she is gentle yet firm and true to what she sees. What also makes her stand out is that she is personally attentive to her clients and has reached out in between readings just to take check of where I was at or to ensure my safety during the recent terror attacks which was endearing. Do give her a try, she is absolutely lovely!

  2. Veronica


    Everytime I feel stuck and need clarity, especially when I feel at a crossroads on something, I book in for a session with Florina. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s going on for me. It’s as if she shines a torchlight on the very thing that needs to be addressed and brings context and awareness to it. I always walk away feeling lighter and more able to make the right decisions. Thank you, Florina, for always being there and walking with me through my journey.

  3. Marianna


    As soon as I met Florina there was something warm and very generous about her energy. She looked into and worked with me for a lot longer than the usual one hour time slot and I thoroughly enjoyed our session and felt it was spot on. It was only after the session and the healing work that I kept on getting all this positive feedback with people commenting on how energized, glowing or somehow different I seemed. There was certainly a shift that I cannot explain, quite a huge shift, that I am still experiencing after only one session a few months ago!
    Thank you Florina that was very powerful work.

  4. Dimitra


    Florina provided me with the most accurate reading I have ever had and meeting her is something that I can only describe as a life changing experience. She is an incredible women with an amazing gift! Thank you Florina

  5. Sam


    A true life changing experience. Very lucky to have met her. No one has more powerful hands, readings and insights then this wonderful lady. Such a beautiful warm personality. She is always bang on with her readings and can truly change your state of mind for the better with her reiki. Helped me deal with old issues in a matter of 3 sessions. Florina your a superstar!

  6. Saida


    You are truly amazing!I am so happy and grateful to have met you.. The world is a better place thanks to you!Only one session and I’ve already started to feel the changes..thank you so much Florina!Xx

  7. Reply

    I have been seeing Florina for a few years. Since I have been seeing her, my life has had rapid life changing shifts. My career and personal life have both soared in the right direction and I am becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you Florina.

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